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Alright all you beautiful people-

Happy Halloween!!

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Heheh...first time I ever inked in the insane little doodles that I always draw on the side of my artwork. You get to see my madness. Lucky you? o.o

Drawn specifically for all of you! *heart*

I know I'm not on often, or....ever...but even still.

Wishing you all the best on this most perfect holiday ever! (to hell with christmas )

Happy Halloween all ^____^

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*Note- I've never drawn Nell before, and clearly, I have no idea what she looks like. e=e; This was done in class today, spur of the moment. Should've had a reference pic.*
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I must be crazy

It's the only logical explination for the course of action I have set myself upon.

I registered at Katherine gibbs.

For Game and web design.

And apparently, my annonymous benefactor will be paying for this, because I'm not entirely sure how I will.

But I feel that this needs to be done.


....I must be crazy.
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A few days ago I was informed that my grandmother needed bypass surgery because one of her arteries was clogged. I immediately thought to myself, to stave off the eminent freak out, that "Hey. It's not so bad. At least it's not Triple Bypass Surgery or something."

She went today, and came back early. Because it wasn't as simple as bypass surgery. Guess what she needs?


*Finger to Satan* Fuck you

*Finger to God* Fuck you

*Finger to the rest of the universe* And Fuck you.

And here's the fun thought of the day:

I actually have nothing to live for. Isn't that scary? =D There is nothing driving me or motivating me. There is nothing that I aspire to do. There is nothing to live for.

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Farts are hysterical.

Okay. So...I'm in a REALLY goofy mood today! ^=^ I was barking at passersby, I randomly turned around with a half chewed mentos in my mouth and let my jaw hang open at some woman, and for some reason I have yet to discover I was hysterical laughing when I tried to pour myself a glass of soda. I'm a little insane. =3 Dunno, just kinda...BWAAAAHHH!!! today. ^^

And I'm on lj only because I do not feel like playing WoW for a change. *GASPEH! =O * Yeah. I have quests in Stormguarde Keep up in the Arathi Highlands, and every time I go in there I lag so damn bad that I DC five or six times. So I'm ignoring that game for a little while. Oh! That reminds me. I drew this insane little Warcraft doodle, and my brother told me I should submit it to the Warcraft comic contest, because it was "pretty damn funny, Er." I have to re-draw it onto good paper first, though. Won't bother explaining the joke here, since, I'm sure all but one or two of you don't get why Ice cold milk restores Mana and why don't we just take that from female Taurens when we're desperate? |3; *is nuts, really x=x*

I plan on dusting my room tomorrow. Now, that doesn't sound very impressive untill you realize that I haven't dusted my room in at LEAST ten years. o.o; Ugghh. And I have to move all those toys... *Eyes shelves full of Naruto, Bleach, and FMA figures* Craaaaap. X=X It's gonna take allll day. Well, hell. =3 I'll rush through it. And then I'll draw Sailor Moon like I've been itching to. And possibly start yet ANOTHER manga idea that I will never, ever, EVER finish. =.=; *Loathes in self-hatred*

Yeah, I can't find a goddamn job. u=u; *SULK* I think I'm gonna...leave. Find somewhere else to live and hunt jobs down there. There's this one job in Maryland, proof-reading for a comicbook company. *__* GOD I WANT IT. I've applied on Monster.com and emailed them TWICE. =.=; If that job is still up on Monster the next time I look, I'm emailing them again, but this time instead of "Thank you for your consideration" at the bottom, I'm putting "HIRE ME, BITCHES!" and an angry face. =.= Being useless totally sucks. u_u

Mmm...And Lauren's manga got me so in the mood to be scared. =D I'm gonna watch some Ghost Hunters and then maybe find some creepy stuff on Youtube. Damnit though. I hope Youtube DIEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! *hissgrowlsnort* =.= They keep removing the new episodes of Bleach before I get to see them! MOTHER FUCKERS!! I hope they get electric ghonorea, the noisey killer. =/

Speaking of Bleach. *_*

I'm STILL completely into it. It's such a damn good series, it continues to stalk me. Which, I have no problem with. ^=^ *heart* In fact, I should get up early tomorrow to read Bleach and Naruto manga. I fell behind again. u.u

Watching the dub last night, I was insane. As if I've never seen this episode before. -__o; It was funny though. Hitsugaya came on, and Hinamori's calling him "Toushiro" (It should be Shiro-chan, BTW, DAMNIT =-=) And as he's going "Hey, address me as a Captain. -.-;" I went "Damn right! It's CAPTAIN Hitsugaya! Captain!" (Which, this is sadly why Jack Sparrow reminds me of Shiro-chan. X_X; Both of them are always having to remind everyone that they're captains. *BTW-- FRIDAY!!!! OMG! PIRATES! =D Minor spaz!* Er-herm ...) Then they get this cute little close-up of Toushiro's eye as he's all serious, and I squeak "TOUSHIRO!!!!!!! *_*" Then I paused, and went "...yes. Only I can call him that. o.o; Got that, Momo? You call him CAPTAIN. I don't have to 'cuz I said so! e=e;" ...I'm insane. XD;

Also, shirtless Kurosaki Ichigo is bad enough without Johnny Bosh's voice coming out of him *=* I literally threw my Chappy plushie at the TV and said, "NO! Go away illegal boy! O=O;" XD

Then I timed the "CAPTAIN AIZEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!" at the end prefectly! XD; Except that I still say it in Japanese, so as Hinamori was screaming "Captain Aizen!" I was going "Aizen-Taichou!" XDDDD In perfect unison. It was hysterical. To me. ^_^

And then I had to sing along to Houshiboki. *heartheart*

.......wow. This is getting long. e__e;

Okay, I'm wrapping up.

Gonna go find some damn lyrics to "Brand new world" so I can just stop singing only the last two lines X-X

Then....putz around on the net. Trying to avoid Warcrack.

^___^ JA MINNA!

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(for those of you who don't speak in rabid fangirl, that means "Spiderman")

Ohhhhhh man! =D I JUST got back from Spiderman 3. DAMN. GOOD MOVIE. *_*

I have two complaints. And they're kinda large ones. =/ But...they weren't bad enough to ruin the whole movie for me. (Btw- I've been casually reading Spiderman since I was about 7 years old. A chorus line could have broken out in the background and I would still love the damn movie. =3 )

Seriously though. Raimi-san. This whole 'Redemption/Justification for the villain' thing....is utter and total bullshit and must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. -=-; Flint Marco is a worthless scumbag bank robber. He has no daughter. Save the crap for another movie KThxBai!!

AND WHY DID VENOM NOT REFER TO HIMSELF AS "WE"?!?!!? WHAT-THE-FUCK?!?! "I was looking for you"...NO!!!! NOOOOO!!! IT'S WE!!! It's the Symbyote (spelling X_X; It's 4 AM, forgive me) AND Eddie Brock!!! IT BECOMES WEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *TANTRUM*

Come on. They snuck in "Tiger", they could have said WE AT LEAST ONCE! *huff*

That's not even my big complaint. =/ Just that...blaghhh. He should have said 'We'. -=-

And more of Bruce Campbell. That whole scene was EFFING hysterical. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD <3

Alright. I'm sleeping now. I swear. ^_^;


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Goddamnit, Kubo...

...I just this instant finished reading Bleach chapter 268.

I am STILL crying.

I will be crying all day.

I just know it.

....Michiru, I really WILL harm you if you laugh over this... U=U

stupid me...I had sad music on while reading.....and I read Naruto first... (Severe LOL at The SasuSai no jutsu....)

..I think....I'm going to go cling to my Rukia plushie for a while....

.....Tite Kubo, congratulations. You just made my "Manga-ka who might have to DIE A BLOODY DEATH if things don't turn out well, goddamnitalltohell!!!!" List... *Glare*

Just when Rukia reaches the eerie Higurashi-sama level of worship-- Yes. She has pretty much reached Kagome-kami-sama's level. I IDOLIZE her.-- THIS happens. ohhhhh man...

I can't believe I'm still crying. X_X This is worse than Haku. (I actually wanted Haku to die. Up untill the point when he died....then it was BAD....then Zabuza...and....gods...)

I HAD FAITH IN YOU, KUBO!!!!! *wailsob* Kurosaki Ichigo, put that goddamn brat down and go help Rukia!!!! Abarai Renji, stop picking fights with the pencil-necked idiot (No, not Uryuu this time! =D *minor joke. Still crying. u=u*) and go save her!!! INOUE!!!!!! BREAK OUT!! WE NEED YOUR FREAKING HELP!!!! LORDS-- SEND KEIGO IF HE CAN HELP!!!!!

*Please excuse the Fox. The Fox is having a severe breakdown. Thank you*

-Traumatized Fox.

.....*WAIL* U=U
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....well I'll be damned....

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...an idiot CAN run photoshop afterall. =3

I like how this came out. ^^

Lines done by hand, all colors are PS'd in there. Good stuff, good stuff.

I even have actual cursive fonts now that I must somehow play with! =D


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....so freaking tired....

Been awake since 8 AM....and I didn't sleep very soundly last night either...

Excellent con....had massive fun....voice actors rule....came back 300$ lighter....bought plushie bacteria.....

Found....live action Death note and squealed....

And...Ichigo saying "I want Rukia" on the Beach Dub last night was possible the most wonderful moment ever....damn not having a voice recorder....

....require sleep.....NOW... @=@

....any questions, I'll be on AIM (Kigaru Kitsune. Hinamori-chan doesn't know. X_X) Tomorrow night.......


-Fox. *Passes the eff out*
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